Marco Baiguera

Lecturer in Structural Engineering at the University of Southampton

I am a Lecturer in Structural Engineering at the University of Southampton. Before joining Southampton in February 2021, I was a Research Fellow at University College London. The main focus of my research is the development of new engineering tools for estimating the impact of natural hazards on the built environment. My work aims to generate methods and solutions for the design of buildings that are resilient to natural hazards, including earthquakes, tsunami and storm surges. A particular emphasis is dedicated to community critical structures in developed and developing countries, e.g. analytical tools for design of buildings to tsunami loading and tsunami risk assessment of education & healthcare facilities through field survey activities. 

Latest News

New Tsunami Experiments

December 2022 - March 2023, HR Wallingford (UK)

I have been involved in a new experimental project at Europe's largest tsunami simulator. MAKEWAVES is a large international collaboration of 20 scientists, engineers, and industry partners across 11 different universities. To read more about it, visit the News section.