Global Earthquake Model (GEM) Foundation, Italy

Apr 2024 - now | Exposure Analyst

Development of exposure and testing of risk models at national and regional scale.

University of Southampton, UK

Nov 2021 - Mar 2024 | Lecturer in Structural Engineering

Teaching activities:

Feb 2021 - Oct 2021 | Teaching Fellow in Structural Engineering

Teaching activities:

Multi-hazard Assessment of Mangroves for Resilience of Coastal Communities in Indonesia (MANGRO-ID)

Funder: University Greenwich/Universitas Indonesia via British Council

PI: Dr Marco Baiguera, Co-I: Dr Richard Boothroyd (University of Glasgow/University of Birmingham), Dewi Nurhasanah (Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia), Ella Meilianda (TDMRC), Very Yanti (TDMRC). 

We received a prestigious grant to work on an interdisciplinary climate action research project, This was awarded as a result of our participation at the Indonesia-UK Workshop on reduction of climate change impact on flood risk in urban areas, organised by University of Greenwich and Universitas Indonesia, and funded by the British Council in the run up to COP26. The project will started in October 2021 and ended in March 2022. 

Seismic Safety and Resilience of Schools in Nepal (SAFER)

Funder: EPSRC

PI: Prof. Anastasios Sextos; Co-Is: Dr. Nicholas Alexander, Dr. Jitendra Agarwal, Dr. Flavia De Luca, Dr. Mehdi Kashani, Dr. Paul Vardanega & Dr. Max Werner

June-October 2021. I have been involved in the seismic testing of a full-scale replica of a Nepali school wall. Tests are carried out at the Large Structures Testing Laboratory (LSTL) of the UKCRIC National Infrastructure laboratory (University of Southampton).

University College London (UCL), UK

Jan 2018 - Feb 2021 | Research Fellow in Earthquake and Tsunami Engineering

My work aimed to generate methods that integrate the design and assessment of buildings for tsunami and sequential earthquake-tsunami loadings, with emphasis on critical structures in developed and developing countries, e.g. analytical tools for design of buildings to tsunami loading and tsunami risk assessment of education & healthcare facilities through field survey activities. 

Funder: ESRC

PI: Prof. Helene Joffe; Co-I: Dr Priti Parikh, Dr Carmine Galasso, Prof. Tiziana Rossetto

From August 2020 to present

Resilience of Schools to Extreme Coastal Flooding Loads

Funder: UCL GCRF Small Grants (£100k), Research England

PI: Prof. Tiziana Rossetto; Co-I: Prof. Ian Eames and Dr Marco Baiguera

From January to July 2020

Increasing Resilience of Schools in Indonesia to earthquake Shaking and Tsunami (i-Resist)

Funder: UCL GCRF Small Grants (£100k), Research England

PI: Dr Carmine Galasso ; Co-I: Prof. Tiziana Rossetto

From May to June 2019

Hospital Engineering Assessment for Resilience to Tsunami & Storm Surge in Sri Lanka

Funder: UCL GCRF Small Grants (£100k), Research England

PI: Prof. Tiziana Rossetto; Co-I: Prof Ian Eames, Dr Carmine Galasso

From January to April 2019

Sequential Earthquake and Tsunami Fragility of Buildings

Funder: Willis Research Network (WRN)

Supervisors: Dr Crescenzo Petrone (Willis Towers Watson) and Prof. Tiziana Rossetto

WRN funded my work from August to October 2019

Funder: ERC Starting Grant (awarded to Prof. Tiziana Rossetto)

From January to December 2018

International Partners: Prof. Ian Roberston (University of Hawaii at Manoa); Prof. Juan Carlos de La Llera (Pontifical Catholic University of Chile)

Past Teaching Experience

University College London, UK

2018 - 2021 | Teaching Assistant

Seismic Risk Assessment (CEGE0033), MSc in Earthquake Engineering with Disaster Management

Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK

2014 - 2017 | Teaching Assistant

Mechanics B (D27MB) and Introduction to Materials (D27IM), MEng in Civil Engineering


Invited Talks


Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK

Thesis: "An Innovative Dual Concentrically-Braced Moment-Resisting Steel Frame for Increased Seismic Resilience"

Primary supervisor: Dr George Vasdravellis. Secondary supervisor: Prof. Omar Laghrouche. External supervisor: Prof. Theodore L. Karavasilis

University of Brescia, Italy

Thesis: "Numerical and Experimental Study on All-steel Buckling-Restrained Braces" (in Italian) 

EUROSTEEL Conference Paper: "Experimental and Numerical Analysis on The Core Lateral Thrust in Bolted BRBs" (in English) - RG link

Supervisors: Prof. Giovanni Metelli, Prof. Francesco Genna, Dr. Guido Bregoli

University of Brescia, Italy

Liceo Scientifico Statale "Annibale Calini", Brescia, Italy 

Service/Professional Memberships